Dear Parents,

This year, our Student Council members from across the school have decided to have a Whole School Crazy Hair/ Wacky Hat Day on Friday 27th November

This fundraiser is to raise funds for Box of Hope, an annual charity project aimed at providing useful/ educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong & Asia donated by Hong Kong school children and local organisations

Unfortunately with the closure of our Nursery to Year 3 classes, our Whole School Crazy Hair/ Wacky Hat Day is going to be a little different from how it was originally planned, as it will now be happening in school and online.

For those students attending face to face classes, students Years 4 and above, we ask you all students and staff to participate as planned, coming into school on Friday 27th November (tomorrow) wearing a crazy hairstyle or a wacky hat. 

For those students working online, Nursery to Year 3, we encourage all students to wear a crazy hairstyle or wacky hat, on Friday 27th November (tomorrow) whilst participating in their daily Google Meets. 

Students can go crazy with their hair – they can curl it, twist it, crimp it, style it or temporarily spray it! It’s time to get creative. They could also wear a crazy wig! Alternatively, they can design and create a wacky hat to wear. The choice is theirs.

Donating to Box of Hope

With the resumption of online learning for some classes, it is now harder for them to bring in a donation to school so we are providing you with some alternative ways to help this valuable fundraising event.

  1. Donations can be given to class teachers/tutors for students in face to face classes.
  2. For Nursery to Year 3 students donations can be made when picking up work packs. A donation box will be placed in the pack pick up zone. Year 3 classes – Friday pack pick up. Nursery to EY2 classes – Tuesday pack pick up.
  3. Visit and find the donation link in the top right corner OR send a cheque or bank transfer (details attached on the website). 

All proceeds from this event collected in school will be sent to Box of Hope for them to continue the fantastic work they have done and continue to do. The money will be used to buy goods, food parcels and vouchers to meet the needs of local Hong Kong charities. 

Thank you for your support,

Early Years, Primary and Secondary Student Councillors