DBIS Communications Parent Workshop – 4th November 10:00am online

Dear Parents

With the arrival of new families to the school, and the Parent Hub now eighteen months old, we want to take the opportunity to revisit how DBIS communicates with parents and also to get your feedback.

We would like to invite you to an online presentation and discussion on Communications at DBIS on 4th November at 10:00. We will be using Google Meet – the link can be found HERE.

To recap on how DBIS communicates with parents, 90% of information useful to parents can be found without a login on the Parent Hub (LINK).  The Hub holds bulletins about upcoming events, news, calendar, curricular handbooks, forms and practical day to day information.

Emails are only sent in emergency or important situations or to small groups apart from the following regular emails:

  • Weekly bulletin summary from the Hub on Sunday morning
  • Weekly newsletter on Friday afternoon

Information about individual children (e.g. reports or logins) are found on the Parent Portal and require a login.  We use an number of other systems e.g. CHQ for extra-curricular activities and camps.  CHQ shares a login with the Parent Portal.

Parents can contact the school about teaching and learning matters by sending email to [email protected] or about technical matters to [email protected]  A series of help guides are also available on our helpdesk portal which is accessible through the Parent Hub.

Please find an overview of our communications structure HERE.

We hope that you will be able to join us on the 4th.

Kind regards

Sheila Stamp
Director of IT and Communications.