DBIS Secondary School Swim Gala November 2020

Dear Parents & Students, 

I am writing to inform you that all DBIS Secondary Students will be taking part in this year’s Swimming Gala’s during their PE lesson, as opposed to a fixed date which has been our usual format. This will take place during lessons between the 19th – 27th November, please see the schedule below for your son/daughters class. 

Wed 18th Nov8I
Mon 23rd Nov9D
Tue 24th Nov13B & 13D12B & 12D7S
Wed 25th Nov7B9B11B & 11D9I7D
Thu 26th Nov10D & 10B8D & 8S
Fri 27th Nov7I8B10I

We have had to adapt the format of this event in order to adhere to the EDB regulations on social distancing and large group gathering. The PE Department is excited that we are still able to run the event in this adapted manner and we are looking forward to encouraging all of our secondary students to take part in the event. If your son/daughter is unable to take part due to injury or illness please may I ask that you provide them with a letter on the day, addressed to their PE teacher, in order to excuse them. 

The main emphasis of the Swimming Gala will be to create an inclusive and fun event with the focus on participation. Some students have kindly responded to the Secondary Sports Survey with feedback regarding feeling uncomfortable about being watched by other students at the Gala’s. Hopefully, changing the format to run during lesson time and therefore removing the spectator element of the Gala will have the benefit of making these students feel more comfortable. The PE department will actively encourage a supportive and inclusive environment. 

The event will have a friendly competitive element, in terms of being a House competition. The Students race times and participation will be recorded in each class. Each student will then be awarded 1 house point for taking part in a race and students finishing 1st = 3pts, 2nd = 2pts, 3rd = 1pt will also earn extra points for their house team.

Students will select which races they wish to participate in with the guidance of their class PE teacher, this will take place during the PE lessons prior to the Gala. 

A note for our less confident swimmers. If your son/daughter is nervous about swimming, please do inform them that all students are very welcome to swim with a noodle or kick board (buoyancy aid provided) and can request to swim in lane 1 or lane 6 so that they are next to the wall. It’s really important that our less confident swimmers are encouraged and feel safe to participate, the PE department will be on hand to support all students if required. 

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Yours sincerely 


Rob White

Head of PE & Sport
Discovery Bay International School