Elevate Webinars

Term 3 live parent webinars + Q&A with Elevate Education

Dear Parents,

Please note this terms Elevate Education’s Parent Webinar Series: Empowering Parents During Exam Period in 2021.

Topics Covered:

– Exam Prep Pt.1 (20th April): Developing a pre-exam roadmap with your child to maximise their chances of success and keep overwhelm at bay
– Exam Prep Pt.1 (4th May): Optimising your child’s final week of exam preparation, focusing on high value tasks, plus tips on how to maximise exam-room performance.
– Stress and Wellbeing (18th May): Understanding your child’s stress triggers, symptoms, and a tool-kit for stabilising during tough periods.
– Managing Technology (8th June): Understanding the impact of technology on your child’s habits and how to develop techniques for responsible use.

Register here: https://get.elevatecoaching.info/sg/register

Webinar Format: The webinar will run online from 6.30pm – 7.30pm (GMT+8, Singapore Time). The webinars are live, where the Presenter will share Elevate’s key research and skills, plus answer questions so parents can get the specific tools they need.

To contact Elevate directly you can: Call (65) 8715 3178 Email [email protected] or head to https://www.elevatestudycoach.com/

Watch an exclusive webinar sneak peek of Exam Prep Pt.1 here!