EY1 – RWI, Guided Reading and Library

Dear Parents and Carers,  

This is a letter to inform you about your child’s reading diary, our guided reading program, RWI and EY1 library books.  

Reading Diary

Your child will receive their reading diary and folder.  The reading diary is to be used to keep a log of the books your child reads and the positive comments you make about their reading.  It can also be used as a way of communicating between yourself and your child’s teacher.  Reading diaries are checked every day by a member of staff and written comments will be made where it is deemed appropriate. In the diary you will also find your child’s class timetable and login information. The diary should then be kept in the reading folder along with the reading books and sent to school every day. Your child’s guided reading will begin the week beginning 12th October and will take place twice a week. Inside your child’s diary you will see the day your child will have guided reading. On the day your child has guided reading they will receive a ‘seen’ reading book which they would have read with either the class teacher or educational assistant. They should be confident in reading this book. We kindly ask that you listen to your child read this book that evening and return it the next day. 


Our Read Write Inc. (RWI) literacy program has begun face to face at school. Each child has been placed in their group according to assessments which took place last week by your child’s class teacher. Your child may be working with either an Inclusion teacher, an educational assistant or an EY 1 teacher in their RWI group.  All staff who teach RWI have been thoroughly trained and certified in delivering the RWI programme.

Your child’s RWI book will be sent home each week (the day your child receives their RWI book will depend on their group. If your child is reading a red, green, purple, pink or orange book this will come home every 3 days. If they are reading a yellow, blue or grey book it will come home on a Friday). Please share this book together at home.  As the texts are quite short, it is always a good idea to have more than one read to encourage fluency and expression.  You can also work on comprehension through questioning, and retell.  Please return the book to school in your child’s reading folder the following day.


Once a week your child will also visit the library and bring home a library book.  This book has been self selected by your child and can  be read and shared with the whole family. Library books can be kept for a week, once returned a new one can be sent home.  

Your child’s library days are; 

EY1GC – Wednesday

EY1AC – Thursday 

EY1EM – Friday

EY1LB – Monday 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher. 

Kind regards, 

The EY1 Team