Food Fair: Thank You from the PTSA Team/Announcing Raffle Winners

The PTSA would like to thank every single volunteer who helped make the return of the International Food Fair so successful. From the food stall coordinators to the class representatives and the stall volunteers on the day, the day could not have happened without every single pair of hands that helped.

We would also like to say thank you to every staff member who helped out – again your support was invaluable to making the event successful.

From a PTSA perspective, two of our biggest goals were achieved. Firstly, an amazing amount of money has been raised that will directly go back to projects and purchases to enhance our children’s experience at DBIS (more on the total amount raised will follow, once all the numbers have been crunched).

Secondly, the community spirit was well and truly on display, which after the five-year hiatus was so wonderful to see.


Hamper Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle for the hampers. We are pleased to announce the winners below:

FS-1 – Elisabeth Chaudry
FS-2 – Debra Hu
Y1 – Deidre McCarthy
Y2 – Bethan Clark
Y3 – Lucy Mullens
Y4 – Alex Sabato
Y5 – Heather Alexander
Y6 – Zoe Goggins


Thank you all once again, and please do let us know any feedback you have on the event so that next years can be even better. You can send your comments and feedback to [email protected].

With kind regards,

The PTSA Team