IGCSE Options – Final Booklet, Jotform and Options Evening Q&A

Dear Parents,

Final Options booklet and JotForm

Having recently received early subject preferences from the students, we are pleased to share the final options blocks for the IGCSE and BTEC Level 2 2021-2023 programme. The blocks can be accessed in the revised version of the IGCSE and BTEC Level 2 Options Booklet 2021-2023 HERE.

We have endeavoured to meet the desired subject combinations of the cohort, and, with the option blocks created, only a very small minority of students would not be able to choose their initial preferred subjects.

Students must now select their final language and three subject options from the blocks shown in the e-booklet, each subject from a different block. For example, a student may opt for French (language), GCSE Media Studies (block 1), IGCSE Geography (block 2) and IGCSE History (block 3) but may not choose more than one subject per block.  

You will notice that some subjects have classes running in two blocks to maximise the amount of choice and preferred options of our cohort. 

Final option choices open on Monday 2nd November and the Jot-Form for the final options is HERE. Students/Parents must select their final subject options by Monday 9th November.

Year 9 Options Evening Q&A session

As per previous communications, I would also like to remind you of a forthcoming event pertaining to the options process; the Online Parent Q&A Session with Subject Specialists. This will take place on Tuesday 3rd November. 

These sessions are organised by subject blocks, so please do decide on the subjects you will ‘visit’ in each block; there are some subjects with more than one class so they will appear in more than one block and the teacher is running more than one session – please only attend one session per subject.

Please find below the Google Meet codes and timings.

Block Subject Time Teacher Link
Language Mandarin 18:00 Qin Cai Mandarin Q&A Link
Language Spanish 18:00 Richard Koenig Spanish Q&A Link
Language French 18:00 Anais Fenning French Q&A Link
1 IGCSE Design and Technology* 18:25 Andy Pybus D&T Q&A Link
1 IGCSE Computer Science 18:25 Hannah Sussams Computer Science link
1 IGCSE Physical Education 18:25 Tom Lemon Physical Education Q&A Link
1 GCSE Media Studies* 18:25 Emma Cerrone Media Studies Q&A Link
1 IGCSE History* 18:25 Karina Johnson History Q&A Link
2 GCSE Art 18:50 Thomas Carrigan Art Q&A Link
2 IGCSE Geography* 18:50 Rachel Murphy Geography Q&A Link
2 IGCSE Music 18:50 David Spencer Music Q&A Link
2 GCSE Media Studies* 18:50 Emma Cerrone Media Studies Q&A Link
2 IGCSE Business Studies* 18:50 Peter Wray Business Studies Q&A Link
3 IGCSE Design and Technology* 19:15 Hannah Sussams D&T Link
3 IGCSE Geography* 19:15 Rachel Murphy Geography Q&A Link
3 BTEC Business 19:15 Tracey Smal BTEC Business Q&A Link
3 IGCSE History* 19:15 Karina Johnson History Q&A Link
3 IGCSE Business Studies* 19:15 Peter Wray Business Studies Q&A Link

These sessions are designed for you to ask generalised questions regarding the subject content and assessment criteria. Any personal or student specific conversations should be arranged outside of these sessions with the teacher concerned.

 Any questions you have should be typed into the ‘chat’ function. This will then allow the teacher to ensure they answer your question. If they do not have the opportunity to answer it during the session, they will then be able to reply to your question at a later time. It will also allow for a much easier flow and fewer delays or interruptions.

Should you need to attend two sessions that are held at the same time, please do so but understand that your question may not be answered whilst you are in the Meet. 

When you click on the link, it will open up a Google Meet and the hosting member of DBIS staff will be able to accept your request to join. We would encourage a prompt arrival so that the subject teacher is able to admit you without interruption to the session and without delay for you. If there are any issues on the evening, please email me directly.

 If you have any questions or queries in relation to any of the above information please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,

Samantha Hine ([email protected])