Limited Face to Face Resumption – Personal and Environmental Hygiene Requirements Reminder

Dear Parents

In preparation for the limited resumption of face to face learning as guided by the EdB, please take time to review the following environmental measures that have been mandated by the government:

  • Please find the “Return to School Health Monitoring Record” attached here LINK. For the first day of class resumption, either print this or record the details on a piece of paper for your child to bring to school.
  • Take your child’s temperature before he/she comes to school and fill in the Health Monitoring Record Card. Your child should bring the completed record card to school on their specific onsite days.
  • If your child is unwell they should stay away from school. They should see a doctor immediately if symptoms, especially fever and cough, are detected.
  • To prevent infection, please ensure your child comes to school wearing a mask and that he/she understands the importance of wearing their mask at all times during the day.
  • All visitors to school, including parents visiting to pick up and drop off, should monitor their own temperature before coming to school and wear a mask at all times within the school.
  • Please ensure your child’s mask is clearly labelled with their name and class.

During the class suspension period, our school has thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All staff who have contact with our students are required to take their temperature before coming to school. If they have a fever, they must not come to school. Similarly, we ask any visitors, including parents, not to visit the school if they are unwell.

We will take all measures to maintain the environmental hygiene of our school premises and ensure personal hygiene practices to safeguard the health of our students.


Kind regards

Pam Cassidy
Deputy Head