Nursery and Reception snacks

Dear Parents

We have been so delighted with how our Nursery and Reception children have settled back into school. They have shown an incredible capacity to be adaptable, flexible and considerate to the current times we find ourselves in and are such a credit to you as parents.


As you are aware, we have been providing the children with a substantial snack in the middle of each morning to ensure their energy levels are sustained throughout the day. Following a number of conversations with parents as well as discussions within our teaching teams, we have decided to adapt our programme somewhat after half term. From Tuesday 27th October, we will continue to provide the children with fruit and vegetable options during snack times. Rather than providing the children with sandwiches, we kindly ask that you pack your child their own substantial, healthy snack to be eaten with their fruit. We suggest that you talk to your child about their snack choice ensuring this is both substantial enough to keep them going throughout the morning as well as healthy and something they will enjoy.

Please note, we have a number of children with nut allergies in the school therefore kindly ask that all snacks are nut free. In addition, we ask that your child’s snack is kept in a container that is easy for them to open as well as easy for them to eat. We will continue to have plenty of additional options should your child become hungry later in the morning and will never refuse food to a child who says they are hungry unless there is a specific reason that has been discussed with your child’s class teacher.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher or a member of the leadership team.


Best regards

Hannah Cole

Head of Early Years