School Resumption Schedule

Classes in our school will resume according to the following schedule:

Year LevelDate of class resumptionAdditional Information
EY1, Years 12 & 13

This will be half days only until 22.09.2020 and then full days starting 23.09.2020.
Reception, Years 3, 4, 7, 1123.09.2020Full days, except for Reception students (until 13:00).
Nursery, EY2, Years 5, 6, 8, 9, 10

Full days, except for Nursery students (staggered times).

The EDB granted us permission to support our EY1 students transition to the main campus through an orientation program and Year 12 and 13 examination classes will also return early to our North Plaza campus. 

From the 16th September until the 22nd September, these classes will be in school for half day sessions only and all students will leave the school campus at lunchtime. As of the 23rd September they will resume full days as per the times below. 

The EDB has confirmed that DBIS is allowed to reopen for face to face teaching for our Nursery and Reception children. 

Whilst we would have liked to have been able to offer a full day programme, the EDB has stipulated that we are only allowed to open for a restricted number of hours on our Early Years Campus.

Student safety and comfort is our first priority and inevitably there are guidelines that the EDB requires us to follow. Please carefully read the following:

  1. All individuals, including staff, parents and children, are required to wear masks at all times in the school campus and in the golf car park area, directly outside the school.
  2. Parents of students in Year 4 and above are requested to remain outside the school gates at drop off and pick up times.
  3. Parents with children in Nursery, Reception, EY1 and EY2 may escort their children directly to their classes and collect them from the classroom as usual.
  4. Parents with children in Year 3 may escort their children to the covered area to drop them off with their class teacher as they will be meeting under the covered area inside the school gates before class.
  5. Any parent in Years 4 and above who feels they need to escort their children onto the campus or collect them from the classroom at the end of the day may contact Susan Walter directly at [email protected].  We understand the specific circumstances of all of our families and will accommodate family needs accordingly. 

These measures are in place to limit close contact but we do not want to do this at the expense of individual wellbeing.

To ensure social distancing at the beginning and end of the school day, staggered start and end times are required.

  1. To allow families to leave together, older students may leave at the younger siblings’ leave time.
  2. For example, if your older son or daughter is in Year 5 and your younger son or daughter is in EY 1, they may both leave together at 15:00.
  3. To limit the movement of people around the campus, older siblings should go to their younger siblings’ classroom if they are leaving together.

Please see the start and end times below:

From Wednesday 16th September

Year LevelStart TimeLeave Time
EY 108:3012:00
Years 12 & 1308:2013:30

From Wednesday 23rd September

Year LevelStart TimeLeave Time
Reception 9:0013:00
EY 18:3015:00
Year 38:3015:15
Year 48:2015:15
Year 78:0015:20
Year 118:2015:30
Years 12 & 138:2015:20

From Tuesday 29th September

Year LevelStart TimeLeave Time
Nursery staggered start/finish times (TBC)
Year 28:2015:00
Year 5 8:1015:15
Year 68:1015:15
Year 88:0015:20
Year 98:2015:20
Year 108:2015:30

As per EDB regulations, the spaces where children eat must be single-purpose, meaning that the children cannot eat in their classrooms. As a result, primary lunchtime has been extended by 15 minutes and the children will eat in either the globe, canteen or gym.

We are restricted to the number of children we can have eating at any one time and must allow sufficient cleaning time between sittings. The children will always be supervised by staff during eating and playtimes. We will need to accommodate lunch for all children in Primary and Secondary as well, therefore lunches will be staggered:

Nursery and ReceptionChildren will be provided with a substantial snack during the middle of the morning and will eat this with their class, supervised by their class teacher, education assistant and other adults. Children will not be eating lunch at school.
EY1 & 2Children will need to bring their morning snack in their bag in a separate container and this will be eaten outside the classrooms, sitting on a stool or bench. Children will eat lunch in the first sitting at 12:00 pm and then go out to play.
Year 3 & 4Children will need to bring their morning snack in their bag in a separate container.

There will be no change to the timing of morning break, however, play areas will be specific for particular year groups.
Children will eat lunch at 12:30 pm and then go out to play until 1.15 pm.
Year 5 & 6Children will have their lunch playtime before eating at 1:00 pm
SecondaryTo accommodate the Education Bureau requirements regarding students eating patterns at break and lunchtimes, we have had to make a few changes.
These changes align with our previous re-opening requirements.

We are required to have set times for children to eat their lunch, in two sittings, with set year groups having their lunch at certain times.
We will also need to slightly modify break times for Year 7-11 students, so that they are not all out of classrooms at the same time.

Your child’s Head of Year will be sending out specific information about this in the coming days and students will be informed about the specific details by their form tutors

To further enhance social distancing measures, three entrances and four exit points have been identified in the Main Campus.

All other entrances and exit gates will remain locked.

The following table shows which campus and which entrance and exit points your child(ren) should use.

Main Campus

Year LevelEntrance and Exit Point
Secondary Year Groups (7-11)               Main School Entrance:
Year 7 and 8 entering at 8am through the main entrance.
North-West Pitch Gate :
Year 9, 10 and 11 (smaller year groups) enter via the school sports field to the Secondary building.
Additional Exit Point – Back gate in between Secondary School Building and Administration Building opened for exiting
EY2, Years 3 – 6Main School Entrance:
(This is a 6m wide entrance. Students enter in two demarcated lanes over 3 timed phases; 8.10, 8.20 and 8.30) 
EY1 EY1 side entrance (next to the Pagoda)

Early Year  Campus

Nursery and Reception children will use the main gate for entry and exit.

North Plaza Campus

All Years 12 & 13 students will be located at the North Plaza Campus.

During the class suspension period, our school has thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the school premises. We have urged all staff members, including the cafeteria staff and school bus drivers to step up precautionary measures to maintain personal hygiene and environmental hygiene of the school. All staff who have contact with our students are required to take their temperature before coming to school. If they have a fever, they must not come to school. Similarly, we ask any visitors, including parents, not to visit the school if they are unwell.

We will take all measures to maintain the environmental hygiene of our school premises and ensure personal hygiene practices to safeguard the health of our students. We are mindful of the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, DBIS will closely monitor the latest developments. Parents should pay close attention to any latest announcements from the school.

We ask for your support to increase environmental hygiene and implement the following measures:

  • Take your child’s temperature before he/she comes to school every day and fill in the Health Monitoring Record Card daily – LINK. Your child should bring the completed record card to school each day, for their class teacher or tutor to review.
  • Please find the “Return to School Health Monitoring Record” attached. For the first day of class resumption, either print this or record the details on a piece of paper for your child to bring to school.
  • If your child is unwell they should stay away from school. They should see a doctor immediately if symptoms, especially fever and cough, are detected.
  • To prevent infection, please ensure your child comes to school wearing a mask and that he/she understands the importance of wearing their mask at all times during the day.
  • All visitors to school, including parents visiting to pick up and drop off, should monitor their own temperature before coming to school and wear a mask at all times within the school.
  • Please ensure your child’s mask is clearly labelled with their name and class.

The Government has asked that all families complete the following online form. This form was placed on the Hub and emailed to you on Sunday 6th September, 2020. If you have not completed this yet, please follow this link – LINK.

Information provided by parents may be passed on to the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), if necessary, to facilitate outbreak investigation and implementation of control measures.

After the resumption of classes, the school requests that you notify Pam Cassidy via email, [email protected] or by phone 29877331, in case of any of the following situations, to facilitate our prompt action in taking contingency measures and informing the EDB:

(a) your child or a member of your household has been confirmed with an infection of COVID-19; or

(b) your child or a member of your household has been classified as having “close contact with  an infected person” with COVID-19

Students who are confirmed with an infection of COVID-19 or have been classified as having “close contact with an infected person” with COVID-19 must not return to school until they are fully recovered.

Please be aware that families who have household members under ‘Medical Surveillance’ for 14 days after returning from travel are not required to be isolated but should measure their temperature daily and watch out for symptoms.