DBIS Wellbeing Provisions


Health, social, economic and academic issues can all prove to be obstacles that prevent our students from realising their potential or affect their wellbeing. The DBIS Counsellor and Wellbeing Coach are here to assist our students to develop resilient strategies so they can deal with problems positively to any setback.

Jess Bredbury is our school counsellor and provides support to students, parents and families of the DBIS community who are experiencing relevant wellbeing issues that restrict them from accessing the school curriculum due to the challenges they are experiencing. Jess will also work closely to support the social and emotional recommendations of external providers who are assisting our students.

Jason Broderick Head of Wellbeing is an extension of our pastoral support. He assists students facing social and emotional issues i.e. friendships, loneliness, exam stress that cause barriers in regards to accessing the classroom curriculum. Jason also supports key transition stages through deeper dives and similar interventional programs as part of the learning for life curriculum.

All referrals for the School Counselor or the Wellbeing Coach are made through the relevant Head of Phase. As a parent, if you would like to access the support of the school counsellor please discuss this with your child’s classroom teacher.