New Parents

There are a number of important forms that parents must complete before their child starts at DBIS.

Application Form

An application form needs to be completed for each child wishing to join DBIS. The school has waiting lists in most year groups and places are offered in a specific order of priority. Application fees must be paid before a child can join the waiting list.


DBIS Acceptance Form (general)

To be completed by the parents of new students who have been offered a place at Discovery Bay International School. Nursery, Year 7 and Year 12 students have a separate acceptance form.


Student Profile

Parents of students joining DBIS are asked to complete this student profile prior to their child joining the School. The details helps our teaching staff get to know and welcome new students to the School.


Student Permissions Form

This permissions form should be completed by the parents of new students prior to their child joining DBIS.


Student Medical Profile

This form should be completed by the parents of new students prior to their child joining DBIS. It is also very important that existing parents keep the medical team up-to-date with any changes in their child's medical conditions and emergency contacts.


DBIS Levies

New parents will have selected one of the two types of Levy on application:

  • Premium School Development Levy (PSDL)
  • Standard School Development Levy (SSDL)

Premium School Development Levy:

  • Single one-off payment
  • Must be paid on receipt of offer letter

Standard School Development Levy

  • Two payments of 50% of SSDL amount
  • First payment must be paid on receipt of offer letter
  • Second payment due in June of the academic year the student starts

Students are unable to start school until the levy payments have been received.

Following receipt, students will be allocated a class and parents will be sent a Parent Portal login.

School Fees

  • Fees are paid monthly in advance and in 10 instalments.
  • The Accounts Department will issue an invoice for the first month’s fees.
  • Payment of the first month’s fees must be settled on receipt of the invoice.
  • A Direct Debit form will be sent by Accounts Department for AutoPay.
  • Fees are generally settled by AutoPay through a Hong Kong bank.

More links and bank account details can be found on the Finances page of the Hub:



Uniform can be purchased from the DBIS Uniform Shop located at the Main Campus.

The uniform shop opening hours are extended over the Summer Holidays and details of the times will be available in a school bulletin on the Hub at the time.

Uniform Shop

Tuesday & Thursday
08:15 äóñ 11:30
(term time)

Uniform Information

Details of uniform for all 3 phases of the school plus order forms.


Uniform Shop Information

Operating days and times


Stationery Information

Stationery requirements for Primary and Secondary


DBIS Communications

General School Information

90% of information for parents can be found without a login on the DBIS Parent Hub.

Bulletins about upcoming events, news, calendar, curricular information, practical day to day information required by parents.

Individual Student Information

Two systems with a single shared sign-on: CHQ and Parent Portal.

Instructions on how to set-up a DBIS login is emailed to parents prior to their child joining the school after the school levy has been paid.

CHQ:Sign up for extra curricular activities three times a year.
Upcoming camp and trip information
Sports fixtures.
Parent Portal:School reports; timetables; logins; music lesson invoices; medical and contact check documents (for camps).
There is a computer based version and an App.

Emails sent by School

Emails are not sent except in specific circumstances:

  • Emergency emails e.g. school closure due to typhoon
  • Small group emails e.g. small group excursions
  • Specific emails to parents about their child
  • Weekly bulletin summary on Sunday morning
  • Weekly newsletter on Thursday afternoon

Links to DBIS Communications Systems

DBIS Parent Hub

Parent Information System with bulletins, calendars and news.


Parent Portal

Requires parental login and contains student specific information such as reports, logins and timetables.


iParent App

Parent Portal App available on Apple and Android platforms.


CHQ Activities and Events Manager

Extra Curricular Activities Systems for ECAs, trips, camps and fixtures.


How to Guides and Videos

Parent Hub Video Tutorial

Introducing the central repository of information useful to parents with a tour of the key features.


CHQ Video Tutorial

A guide to navigating the CHQ system which holds the school's ECAs, fixtures and trips information.


Parent Portal Video Tutorial

How to login and find student specific information on the Parent Portal.


Adding Websites to your Phone Guide

How to get short-cuts to DBIS sites/apps onto your Phone home screen.


Calendar Dates and Times


School Lunches


School Buses & Transport


Activities & Trips


Section under development.

Student Logins

Google Login

Student are provided with a school login from Year 1 upwards.  This is a Google login and gives students access to Google Drive, Google Classroom and email (for the older years only).

Other Logins

There are also a number of other online logins that students in Year 1 and upwards use to access certain learning platforms such as Mathletics.  These are emailed to parents on the first day their child joins and are also available on Parent Portal in the Documents section.

School-wide shared logins

DBIS has subscribed to a number of useful educational sites with a shared school login (for example Encyclopaedia Brittanica).  These school wide logins are available on the Parent Portal in the Documents section.

Online Resources Guides

Early Years/Primary Guide to Learning Technologies

A guide to the online systems used by students in Early Years and Primary


Secondary Guide to Learning Technologies

A guide to the online systems and mobile devices used by students in Secondary


Digital Citizenship Curriculum

A handbook to digital citizenship at DBIS


Digital Devices

There are a number of guides to help parents understand the online systems that students will be accessing to support their learning and the digital devices used within school.

Digital Guides

Digital Devices in Secondary

A guide to the mobile devices used by Secondary Students


Chromebooks at DBIS

A handbook on how to use your Chromebook at DBIS.


Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

The school's Acceptable Use Policy


Student Forms and Agreements

Students in Secondary and their parents need to sign the relevant agreement before they can be given their digital device or be allowed to join their BYOD device to the school network.

Student Forms

Student Chromebook (Y8/9) Agreement Form

Students in Years 7 and 8 are provided with a Chromebook and parents and students are required to sign the Chromebook agreement before the device is given to the student.


Student iPad (Y9) Agreement Form

Students in Years 9 are provided with an iPad and parents and students are required to sign the iPad agreement before the device is given to the student.


Bring Your Own Device Agreement Form (Y10-Y13)

Students in the Senior School (Year 12 and 13) are required to bring a laptop to school while students in Year 10 and Year 11 are also allowed to bring their own laptops. Before the laptop can be connected to the school network, students should complete this agreement.


Student Agreements

Chromebook Agreement (Year 7 - 8)

The student Chromebook agreement


iPad Agreement (Year 9)

The student iPad agreement


Bring Your Own Device Agreement (Y10-Y13)

The student Bring Your Own Device agreement


Section under development.

Section under development.