2024 – 2025 Primary House Captain Selection Process

Dear Year 5 Families,

There is much excitement about the introduction of the new house system, and before the end of this academic year, the children in Year 5 have the opportunity to be considered for the role of Primary House Captain. 

As in previous years, there will be eight Primary House Captains, with two captains for each house; however, the selection of House Captains will be different. All children currently in Year 5 will have the opportunity to sign up for consideration for the vacancies. After signing up, the children will demonstrate their leadership qualities in a range of team-building activities and house events. Subsequently, the Year 5 teaching team will shortlist four candidates for each house before the children explain why they would make brilliant House Captains to Mrs Tait, Mrs Christiansen and Mr Gallagher in a group interview.

Why is the selection process changing?

We believe that each child at DBIS has the qualities to be a Mindful Leader; therefore, the process will ensure everyone has ample opportunities to demonstrate the necessary attributes of an effective and inspiring House Captain. In addition, the children will learn valuable life skills and finally, there will be consistency across both the Primary and Secondary phases.

What do we need to do?

Nothing. Your child’s class teacher will ask their class if anybody wants to be considered for the vacancies. This will happen by Friday 3rd May

The selected candidates can then volunteer to support Mr Gallagher and the current House Captains to run house events. They will also take part in team-building activities organised by the Year 5 teaching team. Teachers will shortlist four candidates for each house by Friday 31st May.

The four shortlisted candidates for each house will be invited to interview with Mr Gallagher, Mrs Christiansen and Mrs Tait before a final decision is made. 

If there are any questions, please contact Mr Gallagher ([email protected].hk) 

Kind regards

Ciaran Gallagher

Year 5 Teacher: Responsibility for Primary Houses