Medical Room

EYFS Medical Room

Monday - Friday
08:00 - 16:00

Main Campus Medical Room

Monday - Friday
08:15 - 15:15

To ensure the safety of your child we have a set of procedures in place that must be adhered to should your child require us to administer medication during the school day.

If your child requires regular medication, the school requires you to provide authorisation to dispense the medicines.  You must complete the Prescribed Medicines Form online or visit the medical room to complete it with the Health and First Aid Coordinator.

Medications must be handed to the Health and First Aid Coordinator by a responsible adult (parent or helper).  No medications will be accepted from students.

Remaining medication will not be sent home with a student – a parent or carer will need to collect it from our medical room.

Prescribed Medicines Form

For administration of prescribed medicines at School.



The Hong Kong Department of Health visits the school annually and immunises Year 1 and Year 6 students free of charge for the following immunisations:

Year 1: MMRV Vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella & Varicella) – Second Dose
DTaP-IPV Vaccine – Booster Dose
Year 5: (Girls only) Human papillomavirus vaccine – First Dose
Year 6: dTap-IPV Vaccine – Booster Dose
(Girls only) Human papillomavirus vaccine – Second Dose

DBIS requires parents to provide the date of their child’s last tetanus immunisation.

Please bring our records up-to-date if your child has had a recent booster:

Student Medical Profile

This form should be completed by the parents of new students prior to their child joining DBIS. It is also very important that existing parents keep the medical team up-to-date with any changes in their child's medical conditions and emergency contacts.


Useful Documents and Links

HK Childhood Immunisation Programme

Information about the Immunisation Programme provided by the Department of Health.


HK Student Immunisation Recommendations

For all students, newly arrived in Hong Kong.


HK Student Immunisation Recommendations

For Year 2 to Year 6 students, who have moved to DBIS from another school.


Each year the Department of Health invites students to join the School Dental Service and the Student Health Service.  This is not a DBIS initiative but parents may wish to take advantage of this offer.  For details of this year’s initiative please see the information letter on this page.  


Students from Year 1 to 12 are eligible.


Deadline for application submission is mid-September each year.

Year 1 to 6 Students

Primary Student Health Services and Dental Care Services 2021-22


Primary Student Health & Dental Service invitation letter 2021-22


Primary Student Health & Dental Service application form 2021-22


Year 7 Students

Secondary Student Health Service 2021-22


Year 7 Student Health Service invitation letter 2021-22


Year 7 Student Health Service application form 2021-22


Keeping Students at Home

Students should be kept at home if they have a tympanic (ear) temperature of 38.0°C or above.

Please do not send your child back to school after an illness, until they have been fever-free and not had a bout of diarrhoea or vomiting for at least 24 hours.

During peak ‘flu season (August and January to March) this should be extended to 48 hours.

Department of Health Guidelines

How to prevent communicable diseases.