A happy half term to all our Early Years families

Dear All

It really has been a whirlwind of a first term. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all as parents for supporting your children in their first term in their respective year groups. I really have been astounded at how the children have demonstrated such adaptability, creativity and resilience throughout these extremely unusual times. We are incredibly proud of how the children have demonstrated kindness towards one another as well as such progress in learning. Only yesterday I was reflecting with my colleagues at how these strange times have taught us all to be grateful for what we have and to remember what a true privilege and joy it is to be a part of your child’s learning journey. Each and every day your children have amazed us with their creativity and confirmed to us how our approach to teaching and learning in the Early Years really does support the children’s learning in the best possible way. To be closing the half term watching some of our children in Nursery go on a quadrilateral hunt because they have expressed an interest in shape and Reception children build an entire space station because of an interest sparked in space is truly magical. Watching EY1 children conduct their own enquiries into the names of unusual 3d shapes because of the mathematical interests that have been sparked in the classroom and have our EY2 children engaged in woodwork is exactly the reasons that we love having your children in school and learning with them; these examples are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wonderful things that have been happening throughout this half term – I hope you have also enjoyed watching your child’s learning journey unfold on Seesaw.


These unusual times have definitely reminded me of some of the core principles of Reggio Emilia which underpin our approach to teaching and learning – our children are capable of constructing their own learning, they are collaborators and learn through interaction within their communities and are natural communicators who should be encouraged to express themselves however they feel they can.


One of the other key principles that underpins our approach is that parents are partners in the children’s learning. I can’t thank you enough for supporting both the children and our teaching team in ensuring the very best opportunities for the children. I appreciate that you too have had to adapt and adjust throughout these challenging times, especially during very difficult personal circumstances for some of our families. You are so very much appreciated as partners in your child’s learning and we can’t wait to see the children after half term to continue their learning journey with them and you.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Early Years teaching team who go above and beyond each day to ensure the best possible opportunities for your children. I am proud to lead such a talented team of teachers and education assistants as well as support staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes because they love seeing the children succeed. We often talk about the very special community we find ourselves a part of at DBIS and this first half term has certainly reminded me that it is the strength of this community and the relationships within it that continues to make our school a very special place to be a part of.


I wish all our Early Years families a very restful half term break. Enjoy the precious family time, rest and recharge!


With very best wishes

Hannah Cole

Head of Early Years