Updated 01.12.23 – Carols on the Pitch Information – Year 1

Dear Year 1 Parents,

Your children have been very busy preparing for Carols on the Pitch, which is on 13th December at 5pm. They will be performing with their year group that evening, as well as with any Music ECAs that they are a part of. We would love to see as many parents, friends and caregivers as possible there that night to support the children.


The song Year 1s will be performing that evening is “Let It Snow”. If your child would like to practise the words and timing at home, please go to your child’s Music Seesaw and check under “Activities”. There, you will find the lyrics, and they can also follow along with Y1CG in the video!


Year 1 children will be snowflakes that evening. They will be needing to wear white and/or light blue; this can be in the form of a plain white/blue top with white/blue leggings/trousers and black shoes. If the children have small snowflake head accessories, they will be encouraged to wear them too!

Meeting & Dismissal:

Year 1 children will be required to meet their class teachers in their classrooms at 5pm. They will need to come dressed in their costumes. Their teachers will bring them out to the pitch at 5.15pm.

At approximately 5.50pm, after their performances, the children will be brought to the Music classrooms. They will be dismissed by their class teachers and EAs from there. Please be ready to pick your child up from DCG-1. To get to DC-1, please walk in between the main office building and the Secondary building and go the the second door on the left.

For safeguarding reasons, children will not be allowed to leave until parents or guardians have made themselves known to the class teacher.

Kind regards,
The Music Team