Curriculum Showcase Costumes

Dear parents and guardians,

This is an exciting time for us in the music department as we are in full swing for our preparations for the Curriculum Showcase. Filming will begin on the 31st May as students perform in the Globe theatre. The filmed concert will be released on the 11th June with a range of exciting performances.

In terms of what students need to wear for this concert, there is a style guide for every primary and secondary class attached to this bulletin.

For our primary students, can we please have all students bring their costumes in a labelled bag with their name by Wednesday 26th May. They will leave them in their classroom until the recording.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
The music team.

6CG _ 6BH
6CD _ 6RM
5EJ _ 5HK
5IM _ 5RT
4AH _ 4LP
4AW _ 4MF
3TS _ 3HG
3JH _ 3AR