End of Year 11 Celebration Notice

Dear Guardians and Parents of Year 11 Students,

Please find below a message from a group of supportive parents who wish to provide an opportunity to celebrate the end of Year 11 as a cohort. It is important to note that all communications about the post-exam celebration are communicated through the representatives of the group and are not part of DBIS school events.

Best regards,

Amrith Prabhu


Dear all,

We are in the process of arranging the Y11 post-exam celebration. We are looking at booking an evening junk leaving from Discovery Bay on 14th June, and we are hoping that parents will join the students for drinks and informal photographs from around 5.30pm – 7pm (TBC).

The celebration is not subsidised by the school, so there will be costs involved, which we will try to keep to a minimum. 

To help us with the planning, please can we ask that everyone join the Year 11 parent WhatsApp group by 15th March using the link here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HDn5rOWWXHyBhCLOANwBKB 

Kind regards,

Maria (Parent)