Enrichment Opportunities – Inviting our Community as Guest Speakers

Dear DBIS Community,

We are reaching out to you, our highly talented and skilled community, to help learning come alive for our students. We would like to invite you to be guest speakers, presenting talks (either online or face-to-face) on areas of your life and expertise that will motivate and inspire our students.

It is so important for students to contextualise the taught curriculum. By sharing your experiences you can help our students understand careers and career paths. You can discuss with them the strength and necessity of overcoming setbacks. Through your talks, students will gain a greater knowledge base on different topic areas as well as learn the importance of hard work and grit.

If you are interested in becoming a guest speaker at DBIS please click this LINK for more information. Helen Kavanagh, Leader for Challenge, is also happy to answer any questions at [email protected] 

Best wishes,

Helen Kavanagh and Emma Cerrone (Head of Sixth Form)