EY1 – Magic Words Program

Dear Parents and Carers,

In EY1 we follow a high frequency word programme called ‘Magic Words’.  There are 100 frequently occurring words in the English language that make up, on average, half of the words found in reading and writing.  The Magic Words literacy activities and games promote instant recognition of these words.  Mastering half the words used in reading and writing makes the task of reading and writing ‘magically’ easier. 

We have already started teaching these words in class and will now begin to send words home.  On Monday 2nd November in your child’s reading folder you will find a Magic Words sheet (please see click HERE for your reference).

We kindly ask that your child begins working on their ‘golden words’ for the week beginning 2nd November. 

From Wednesday 11th November a ‘gold star’ will indicate the group of words your child has secured and therefore the next set will be the words your child will need to practise ‘sight reading’.  For example if there is a ‘gold star’ on the ‘golden’ words, your child will need to practise their ‘red’ words. 

In addition to the Magic Words sheet you will also find activities to help your child learn these words (please click HERE for your reference).

Please encourage your child to read these words at home each night.  Ask your child to read the words in and out of order and try to master them without using ‘Fred talk’ (sounding out).  Each Wednesday your child will be assessed by either the class Educational Assistant or Teacher. When your child has successfully read a set of words they will receive a ‘gold star’ next to the group of words. 

There are twelve sets of words that make up the Magic Words, there are also Magic 200 and 300 word lists and each child will be encouraged to work at their own pace.  

If you have any questions about the Magic Words programme please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

Kind regards,

The EY1 Team