EY2 Additional Online Learning Opportunities from Wednesday 16th September

Dear EY2 Families,

To further enhance our current EY2 online learning provision, we are going to trial the addition of some optional introductory sessions for Maths and Writing lessons for the remainder of the school closure. These 10 minute lesson introductions will provide an opportunity for your child to be shown their activity challenge on Seesaw. These sessions will also help to support the children with their transition to a more structured timetable as they prepare for their return to school. 

The Maths and Writing activities will continue to be modelled in our morning Google Meet sessions so the children will not miss out on any learning opportunities if they are unable to join these additional live sessions. The 10 minute Maths and Writing sessions will then provide a second opportunity for your child to listen to the lesson introductions, if necessary. 

All Seesaw activities will continue to be assigned at 5:00pm the evening before. The children are welcome to complete their challenges as they have been doing at the times that work for them during each day. These optional sessions aim to provide a little more structure for those who may need it.

These 10 minute introductory sessions will begin on Wednesday 16th September and will be held Monday-Thursday. We kindly ask that the children join promptly to maximise their learning time.

Please see the links below which show the timings for the introductory sessions for your child’s class.

EY2ES Online Learning Opportunities

EY2LC Online Learning Opportunities

EY2JB Online Learning Opportunities

EY2CS Online Learning Opportunities

We really are looking forward to having all the children back in school in a couple of weeks. They have all worked so hard in these unusual circumstances. It will be lovely to continue learning together back in school.

Kind regards,

The Year 2 Team