EY2 Maths Homework – Manga High

Dear EY2 Families,

On Tuesday 27th October, a Maths activity will be assigned on Manga High for your child’s Maths homework.

To access the assigned activity, click on ‘Student Log In’ on the Manga High website (mangahigh.com). The children then log in using their S number and password that has been stuck into their reading diary. 


The User Name is their S Number

The Password is their usual school password

They will also need to enter the school code: 427043


A new Manga High activity will be assigned each Monday and the children will be given a week to complete it. The activities on Manga High are adaptive to the children’s ability. If they find something challenging, the questions will get simpler and if they find something easy and get many questions consecutively correct, they will then be given more challenging questions. 

The children have had a practice at logging into Manga High in school and have completed an activity in class.

Please do let your child’s class teacher know if you have any queries at all.

Kind regards,

The EY2 Team