EY2 Online Learning Weekly Timetables

Dear EY2 Families,

Please find the links below that outline the EY2 online learning provision and groupings for your child that will begin from Tuesday 24th November.

Links to online timetables and groupings:





Online Learning Opportunities:

Following parent feedback during our last school closure, the online learning timetables very closely reflect our usual school days. Each day will begin with a short Google Meet welcome, where we will take the register and show the children their Seesaw activities for that day. The Seesaw activities will be available from 5:00pm the evening before.

In addition to these Seesaw activities, your child’s class teacher will introduce each Maths and Writing lesson on Google Meet. They will then continue to stay online whilst your child engages with the lesson activity, so that they can answer any questions, if needed. Specialist lessons will be held at their usual times during the week. Each day, there will be a daily timetable posted in the ‘Activities’ section of Seesaw with links to each Google Meet lesson and Seesaw activities. We kindly ask you to follow the Virtual Classroom links at the correct times to take your child into their online lessons.

Reading Books and Resources:

Each Tuesday between 1:00-2:00pm, class readers and resources will be available to be collected from outside the school gate of the Primary Campus.

On Tuesday 24th November, the children’s Spelling Homework Books will be given out with the packs. They will have the next three weeks of Spelling rules stuck in. Each Monday, the children will be introduced to their particular Spelling rule on Seesaw and will be asked to complete a Spelling Quiz the following Friday. 


Your child’s  daily timetable for Tuesday 24th November will be available at 5:00pm today on Seesaw. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher. We look forward to seeing you all in our Google Meet morning welcome at 8:15am tomorrow morning.


Kind regards,

The EY2 Team