EY2 Seesaw Update

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your continued support with our EY2 home learning. We have been really impressed with everyone’s great efforts during these unusual circumstances.

Next week, we will be setting some independent Maths and Reading home learning activities (we’d like your child to attempt the activities by themselves). 

The purpose of these independent activities is to allow us to complete mini assessments of the children’s learning and progress during the last few weeks. This will allow us to see what each child can do by themselves and what we can then help them with, when we return to school. 

As we do in class during these mini quizzes, please encourage your child to try their best and explain to them that these activities are to help us understand what we will need to help them with when we return to school. 

For this week only, we kindly ask that you please do not help the children with these activities so we can gain accurate information on each child’s understanding. We will clearly explain which tasks will need to be completed independently on the daily slides.

For the independent Maths activities, the children can draw anything onto paper to help them, if needed. For the independent Reading challenges, please ask them to use their sounds to help them read any tricky words and encourage them not to worry if they can’t read every word perfectly.

In a couple of weeks time, we will ask the children to complete an independent piece of writing. Again, we will clearly explain this to the children and ask them to do this activity by themselves.

We appreciate your support with these activities in advance. The information collected will be invaluable for our return to school.

As the Parent Teacher Conferences will not go ahead this term, we would like to encourage you to continue to actively use the communication tools on Seesaw, when needed.

Kind Regards,

The EY2 Team