EY2 Term 3 Information

Dear EY2 Families,

This letter contains some important information about Term 3. As you are already aware, the children will be in school every morning next term, subject to ED approval. The links to the timetables below show what each class timetable will look like. If the children are not able to return to school for five mornings a week, we will revert to Week 3 of the current timetable and EY2 will be in school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning for the first week back at school.

Timetables for children if they are in school five mornings a week in Term 3:





If we are able to follow these timetables, the classrooms will open from 8:05am and lessons will begin at 8:15am each morning. The doors will then open for dismissal from 12:50pm, with all children being collected by 1:00pm. This is to help stagger the children arriving and leaving school. Some Primary P.E. lessons will be taking place on the netball court until 1:00pm so we kindly ask you to avoid the court if a lesson is taking place when you collect your child from their classroom.

As the children will be in school for five hours each day, we kindly ask them to bring in two small snacks, in separate containers which they will have the opportunity to eat throughout the morning. 

Each afternoon, when the children arrive back at home, there will be an optional learning opportunity available to them on Seesaw, as shown on the timetables above. 


Spelling & Maths Homework

Homework will begin again on Monday 12th April. Spelling lists, Reading books and Manga High homework will continue as in previous terms.

The children have been recently assessed on some ‘Common Exception Word’ spellings. These are frequently used words that do not follow spelling patterns, which they will be learning to spell next term. There will be a video on Seesaw to further explain this term’s spellings, which will be available to watch from Monday 12th April.


Year 2 Onwards & Upwards Ceremony – Week beginning 21st June

We will have our Onwards & Upwards Ceremony during this week, to celebrate the children’s achievements throughout this year. Further details will be communicated later in the term.


This Term’s Learning:


Our Discovery Unit this term is  ‘Let’s Celebrate.’ This unit focuses on the concepts of ‘beliefs and values.’ Within this unit the children will explore a variety of celebrations from around the world and from different times in history. They will learn why celebrations take place and how they are important to different communities. The children will be able to share their own family’s traditions, beliefs and values.



-Measures: mass, capacity, temperature & length


-Addition & Subtraction – focussing mainly on subtraction this term



We will begin the term by exploring Poetry. We will practise reading poetry aloud with confidence and expression and will then write our own poems.

Later in the term, we will also be writing narratives that will be based on celebrations.


Reading :

We will be focussing on practising reading aloud with fluency, intonation and confidence as well as learning to navigate non-fiction texts to locate information.


No hat no play

A friendly reminder that all children need to bring their own DBIS named hat in every day.


Key Dates for your diary:

Wednesday 19th May – Public Holiday (Buddha’s Birthday)

Monday 14th June – Public Holiday (Dragon Boat Festival) 

Friday 25th June – End of Term


If you have any queries or questions about any of the above, please do come and ask your child’s class teacher. We look forward to hopefully having the children back in school much more next term and wish you all a very relaxing Spring break.

Kind Regards

The Year 2 Team

Emily Sharman, Jane Broderick, Lyndsey Coote and Merridy Smits