Family Portrait for EY2

Dear Parents and Carers, 

The EY2 team is looking forward to welcoming you and your child to EY2 in August. We are excited to hear of your Hong Kong adventures and who you have spent your Summer holidays with. 

Over the Summer holidays, we would love for you to draw your family. 

Who is in your family? 

If possible, can you draw a picture of your family in one of the photo frames from the document below?

Family Portrait Frames

What colours will you add?

Challenge: Can you write your family members’ names? (i.e Mum, Dad, siblings, aunties, and their names (if any))

Please bring your family drawing to school on Thursday 14th August. 

We can’t wait to see your pictures! 

Kind regards, 

The EY2 Team 

Emily Sharman, Jane Broderick, Lyndsey Coote and Ciara Sasikumar