FS-1 Readers

Dear FS-1 families,

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our Reading Workshop last Thursday; the presentation will be shared with families later this week.

On your child’s library day, they will bring home an additional reading book (these will initially be wordless).

These reading books will go home in your child’s library folder, alongside a reading diary. Please share this book together every day and then return it with the library books the following week.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can share these wordless books together:

  1. Begin by looking at the cover. What can you see?
  2. Read the title. Does it give you any ideas for what the story might be about? Make predictions about the story based on the cover and title.
  3. Take a picture walk. Look through the pages of the book with the sole purpose of enjoying the pictures. Talk about anything that captures your attention.
  4. “Read” the story. You might go first, inviting your child to add to your story as they see fit. Don’t be afraid to tell your story with dramatic flair. Add sound effects and interesting voices that suit the characters of your tale.
  5. Encourage your child to take a turn telling their own version of the story.
  6. Ask questions about the book — which is your favourite illustration? Do you have a favourite part of the story or a favourite character? Can you tell them about a time you have felt like the main character or found yourself in a similar situation?

In your child’s reading diary, we invite you to share a short note about the book that was shared.

Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

FS-1 Team