FS-1 Welcome to Term 2!

Dear Families,

Welcome to Term 2!

We hope you all had a relaxing break and wish you all a happy new year! This letter contains some information about the upcoming term.

Key Dates

Please continue to check the DBIS key dates here:https://hub.dbis.edu.hk/ 

You can also reference the FS-1 Key Dates document, which will be placed on each class’s Communication Board: FS-1 Key Dates

FS-1 Families Volunteer Sign-up

Class teachers will post sign-up sheets for family members to come in and read a story at the end of the day or to share passion projects such as cultural holidays, occupations or hobbies. For families unable to sign up in person and wish to do so, please contact your child’s class teacher to express your interest. 


The children will start to come home with new library books in Week 1. Please read these books over the week with your child and return them to school on your allocated day. This is a gentle reminder that we cannot provide your child with a new book if you do not return the library book each week.  


On Friday 19th January, FS-1 will be hosting a Reading workshop for all of our families (Aunties are also encouraged to join this if possible). This is an opportunity for us to share our approach that has been taken with our students so far with their pre-phonics (sound discrimination and print in the environment). We will also share how we can support our younger learners when they begin to take home their reading books (Week 3 – week beginning 22nd January) and as we begin to introduce phonics. 

Term 2 Learning

We will continue with our Discovery unit ‘On the Move’ this term, in this unit children explore travelling over land, on water, through the air and into space. They consider how they move through their local area and where they go on holiday. We will be engaging in varied learning experiences that hook the children’s interest.  

Then a new topic will be introduced, ‘Magical Marks,’ In this unit the children will explore various art forms and techniques. We will explore colours and how they can be changed.

We will also be deepening our understanding of the world by exploring Lunar New Year traditions. 

Please take a look at our Early Years Curriculum booklet to learn more about our other objectives here: EYFS Curriculum Handbook


Please ensure children bring the following items each day:

  • Named water bottle 
  • Lunch box (labelled with your child’s name and class)
  • Wellies and raincoat (labelled with your child’s name and class) 
  • Named plastic folders (for library books) on your allocated day

Please ensure your child wears the appropriate and correct uniform to school daily. Details of this can be found on our school website. Please note that only DBIS uniform jackets and jumpers are permitted in cooler weather. For health and safety reasons, students with long hair must tie it back, and jewellery is not permitted.  

Please continue to check the DBIS Parent Hub regularly for key information. Please take a look at DBIS Communication information here:


If you have any queries about the above, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher. 

Kind Regards,

The FS-1 Team