Google Guardian Feature

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to inform you about a new feature on Google Classroom.

Here at DBIS we use Google Classroom for teaching and learning.  This has become even more important during online learning, as it is a safe online platform for teachers to set assignments, share resources, mark student work and communicate with students.

Google have introduced a new function to this called Google Guardians.  This allows parents to receive an email summary about your son/daughter’s activity in each of their subject Google Classrooms.

In these email summaries you can review:

  • Missing work – Work not turned in when the summary was sent.
  • Upcoming work – Work that is due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or work that is due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails).
  • Class activities – Announcements, assignments and questions recently posted by subject teachers

In these email summaries you will not be able to review:

  • Student work – student work and resources can only be viewed by the student and teacher.
  • Marks – marks for work submitted on the Google Classroom can only be viewed by the student and teacher.

To get email summaries for your son/daughter, you must accept an email invitation from the administrator (this will be sent on Monday 31st August 2020).  You have 120 days to accept an invitation before it expires.  You can unsubscribe from summaries or remove yourself as a guardian at any time.

If you have any questions about this new feature please feel free to email me.

Best wishes,
Emma Cerrone
Head of Sixth Form