Help With Google Meet, Google Classroom and Seesaw (Parents & Students Welcome!)

Dear Parents,
Thank you all for the support you have given your children this week in accessing their learning online. We know this approach to learning using Google Classroom is new to many of you, so we are extremely grateful for your efforts.
As you know, the two main platforms we use in the Primary School for online learning are Google Classroom and Seesaw. We are aware that many of you, and your children, are familiar with Seesaw, but less familiar with Google, especially Google Classroom.
To provide additional support, we will be running a session for parents and students on Monday 17th August 2020 at  3.30-4.15pm.
Please do join Angela Moriarty, our Head of Learning Technology, if you would like support in the following areas:
  • Your student log in details
  • How to join a Google Meet
  • How to Sign in to Google Classroom
  • Finding & Completing work in Google Classroom
  • How to sign in to Seesaw
  • Finding & Completing work in Seesaw
Angela will take you through all this in the 45 minutes, and provide an opportunity for parents or students to stay on at the end of the meet to ask any questions. We know that sometimes our children pick up the technology more quickly than us parents, so they are very welcome to join this meeting.
To join this support session, please just click on the following link at 3.30pm next Monday:
Kind regards,
Susan Walter
Head of Primary