HKPSSA Cross Country UK Challenge

Dear Parents


Last week DBIS students participated in the HKPSSA Cross Country Bora Bora challenge. It was great to see so many DBIS students and staff participating. As a school, we completed an amazing 2,197 km. This is equivalent to 75 times around Bora Bora. There were so many accomplishments reached.


Congratulations to Year 5 for travelling the furthest of 745 km. Year 5HK for being the class to accumulate the most kilometers of 480. Lastly congratulations to the winning house Wallabies for reaching 617 km.


The next Cross Country Challenge is the UK Challenge where classes will work together to see how many times they can walk the length of the UK (965 km). DBIS would love to see parents and siblings getting involved.


UK Cross Country Challenge – Parent Information

Start: Monday 15th February

Finish: Sunday 21st February

Results: All results need to be registered by no later than Monday 22nd February (10 am)


Please see the link for registration: UK Cross Country Challenge – Family Information


Kirsten Brownlie

DBIS Sport Coordinator