Key Stage 3: student support /check-ins

Dear KS3 parents,


Now that we have adjusted to our newly revised routines, we are well aware that students are missing out on the precious contact time previously facilitated by their tutor during ‘tutor time’. To ensure that our KS3 students continue to display healthy habits and positive learning routines, we will be focusing on the following key areas:


  • Hydration
  • Diet
  • Appropriate clothing & hygiene
  • Self-management


Specifically, these themes will be explored and reaffirmed in the assembly block on day 1, week 1 and further supported through the learning for life provision during week 2 lessons. This way students will receive consistent messages on a weekly basis. 


Additionally, students will have the opportunity to: 


  • reach out for 1 – 1 check-ins with their tutors to discuss academic and pastoral progress and/or concerns
  • relay how they are feeling and coping through a google form ‘check-in’ 
  • receive relevant support / material through their tutor google classrooms 


As always, your continued support is appreciated and valuable in ensuring that your children continue to thrive throughout their ever changing learning journey.


If you have any additional questions, please could you reach out to your child’s Head of Year listed below:


Morag Armstrong: [email protected] Head of Year 7

Tracey Smal: [email protected] Head of Year 8

Louise Tyrell: [email protected] Head of Year 9


Kind regards,


Aaron Harris

Assistant Head of Secondary (Pastoral)

[email protected]