New Arrangements for Limited Face to Face Learning in Early Years and Primary

Dear Parents,

In light of the revised arrangements regarding the continued school closure, we would like to update you on what this means for our students at DBIS in Early Years and Primary.

We are very disappointed to have to confirm that Nursery and Reception will continue to be suspended for all face to face learning and will therefore continue with their online programme. The EdB has allowed schools to bring back up to 1/6 of the student body for half days until Chinese New Year.

We are extremely pleased to see how positively the children have already returned to online learning following the Christmas break, once again they have demonstrated both resilience and flexibility throughout these exceptional times. That being said, we recognise online learning cannot replace the important interactions that contribute to their overall personal and social development. We also recognise that our children in EY1 have missed significantly more face to face learning time over the past year than other year groups due to the ongoing closure of kindergartens. With this in mind, we are pleased to let you know we will welcome all children from EY1 – Year 6 back into school for some limited face to face learning over the course of the next 5 weeks (until Chinese New Year).

We are having to comply with very specific guidance from the EdB with regards to the number of students in school at any one time. Therefore we are only able to have two year groups in school at a time for morning sessions only starting from 8:00 am and finishing at 11:30 am. We are mindful that our EY1 children have had significantly less face to face learning in school as their Reception class remained closed throughout Terms 2 and 3 last year when others were able to return to school for full days. EY1 children will therefore return for face to face learning in school each morning from Monday 11th January until Chinese New Year (Thursday 11th February). All other year groups from EY2 – Year 6 will return for one morning per week throughout this period.

We understand these arrangements are not what any of us would have hoped for in terms of the children returning to school full time, however after considering several alternatives we feel these arrangements will best support the needs of the children given the guidelines we have to work within. Returning for a morning a week will at least give the children the opportunity to have face to face interactions with their teachers and peers on a regular basis. Whilst your child is not in school, their online programme will run as usual. The decision has been made to start face to face learning at the earlier time of 8:00 am on the mornings the children are in school to allow time for accompanying siblings in other year groups to return home in good time for the start of their online lessons. We also feel this will maximise the time the children are able to have in school.

Please find below the allocated mornings for each year group:

  • EY1: Every morning from Monday 11th January – Thursday 18th February
  • EY2: Wednesday
  • Year 3: Friday
  • Year 4: Thursday
  • Year 5: Tuesday
  • Year 6: Monday

We would like to remind you that children will need to bring their snack, water bottle, mask and device (if applicable) to school. Please be assured that regular temperature checks and social distancing measures will remain in place.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,

Hannah Cole  &  Susan Walter