Nut-Free School Reminder

Dear Parents,

Please note that there are a number of students and staff within our school community with severe nut allergies.  Some nut allergies are so severe that any contact with nuts or nut oil will lead to a potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reaction requiring emergency medical intervention.

To ensure the safety of students and staff at school, we request your cooperation to maintain a safe nut-free environment.  Please ensure the absence of nut or nut containing products in any food brought to school.  This applies to all school-related on and offsite activities including:

  • School day snack, lunch or after school snacks
  • Birthday celebration food
  • Shared lunch
  • Field trips
  • Camp
  • Sports practice or events

Common products that can contain nuts include Nutella, granola bars, chocolate bars, pesto, moon cakes and items cooked in nut oil (pretzels, crisps) etc.

Please read packaging labels very carefully and review with your helper, child or anyone else who may be involved in the preparation of your child’s school lunch and/or snacks.

If possible, avoid eating nut products before school. In the case that this is unavoidable, please ensure your child rinses their mouth and washes his/her hands thoroughly with soap and water before entering the school campus.

Thank you for your assistance to keep our school safe for all.

The Medical Team