Reception Reminders

Dear Reception Parents/Carers,

What a wonderful start to term we are having! The children are into the full swing of school life and it is wonderful to see their relationships grow and confidence blossom.

Please find a few gentle reminders below:

Feeling unwell

We want to thank you all for being so vigilant regarding the current circumstances and for assessing and keeping your child off school if they are feeling unwell.

Water bottles

Please can we request that your child brings a plastic/sustainable water bottle into school as opposed to a metal bottle. Metal bottles have been known to cause injury when dropped and we would like to reduce the risk of this.

Snack Time- Re: Grapes

The children have been really enjoying snack time. Please can we ask that if grapes are a part of your child’s snack, that they are cut into halves/quarters to reduce the risk of choking.

Pick-up changes

A gentle reminder to email or ring Miss Angel in our EY office ([email protected]) with any changes to pick-up arrangements. We will not be able to send your child home with a friend or another adult without confirmation.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We really appreciate it.

The Reception Team