Reception Seesaw Update

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Thank you for your continued support with our Reception home learning over recent weeks. We love seeing, hearing and reading about what the children have been doing and the progress they are making via Seesaw. 

Through our daily challenges next week, we will be setting a selection of short Literacy and Maths activities that we would like the children to complete independently. By doing this, it will allow us to informally observe the children’s learning and progress during the last few weeks, as well as being able to plan next steps to move their learning forward. 

Through the daily slides each day,  the class teacher will highlight which activity is to be completed independently and they will continue to provide a verbal explanation to introduce it. The children should then be encouraged to complete the challenge without any help. Please do not worry if they are unable to complete any areas, simply give them lots of praise and just move on to the next part. 

We would appreciate wherever possible, that when your child attempts the independent activities that you photograph (or video if it is a practical task) them in action. This will allow the teacher to observe the process as they attempt to solve the questions. 

As Parent Teacher Conferences will not go ahead this term, we  encourage you to continue to use the communication tools on Seesaw when needed. 

Kind regards,

The Reception Team.