Reception Updates

Dear Parents,


Thank you for the fantastic effort and enthusiasm as we have had from the children since returning to our online journey. We have a few important pieces of information with regards to updates to our Reception programme to share with you below:


Live Music 12pm Wednesday

We will now be offering a live music session at 12pm on a Wednesday. Ms Horan will also record these sessions so if your child is not able to attend, they can access the session through the virtual classroom.


Home reading books 

Following the RWI assessments on Friday, we will now be sending a home reading book for your child within the activity pack every week. These are books to read at home which the children can decode using their phonic knowledge. The books sent home should be able to be read mostly with ease, fluency and understanding. Please contact your class teacher with any questions regarding these. 


RWI resources (supporting Google Meet sessions Thursday and Friday)

Alongside a home reading book, your child will come home with either a Ditty sheet or a green reading book (please see below for example) These will be used during the Thursday and Friday Google Meet sessions in order to build phonic confidence, develop reading skills and apply to writing. Please keep these for those sessions so that the children can explore them together.


Ditty Sheet example                                                              Green Book example


Creative Club!

The children have been doing amazingly well within their focused Google Meet learning sessions. They have been extremely driven and have progressed positively within their specific learning areas. 

With this in mind, we would like to offer a new set of weekly creative sessions. This half term, these will include a construction club, an art session and a dance club. This is a fun opportunity for your child to join their cohort, build those imaginative skills, work at their own pace, explore their own interests and be free to explore their ideas.

Please see an example timetable below:

We thank you for all your support and positivity which we really appreciate. It has been wonderful to receive your feedback. Please never hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


Kind Regards,


The Reception Team


Charlotte Phillips, Emma Chambers, Helen Reid and Chloe Foster