School Closure Update for Year 7

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for your ongoing support over the past two weeks. It has undoubtedly been a challenging time for everyone as we adapt to the situation we currently find ourselves in.
In light of feedback, we have made the following adjusts moving forward for our Year 7s with the hope that these measures will help students manage their time and workload from home.
  • Assignments and lessons being clearly labelled with Day/Period they refer to.
  • Scheduling of assignments at appropriate times (i.e. at 5pm the night before) so students are better able to manage their inbox.
  • Making it clear that students should complete what work they can in lesson time rather than completing all the work assigned if they feel unable to do so in the set time frame.
  • Scheduling a ‘buffer’ lessons on the timetable for students to complete any outstanding work they were unable to do in the lesson time.
  • Learning for Life and Discovery lessons have been suspended during this period. This is to allow students additional time to complete their home learning.

A number of students have fed back to me directly during Year Group (online) assemblies and commented that the above measures have had a positive impact this week. We will continue to review this as we move into Week 3 of school closures and welcome any feedback you may have.

We take pride in providing high quality wellbeing provision and myself and the Year 7 tutor team have been available for the last two weeks via email to respond to student needs.  To complement this provision we will be adding the following extra layers of support.
  • Year Group Leader led Live Video based Check in ~ either whole group or selected tutor groups. This will take place once per week during tutor time (1050 – 1105)
  • Tutor Led Live Video based Check ins with the whole Tutor group.  This will take place once per week. The Year 7 tutor team will be in contact with tutees directly with details.
  • Tutors will send a weekly email as a check in and touch base with the whole tutor group.
  • All tutors will make time available for 1~1 sessions on a needs only basis at the request of their tutees.
We believe that with this added provision and extra support that our students will be very well provided for during the ongoing closure.  If you feel your son/daughter needs more support or they are experiencing more major difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected]  I will be available until Friday 21st February, after which point Mr Graham Lewis ([email protected]) will take over as Year Group Leader during my maternity leave.
Best wishes
Morag Armstrong
Year 7 Group Leader