Online Learning Information for Secondary Families

Dear Parents of Secondary DBIS Students,

Firstly, on behalf of myself and my Secondary colleagues, we would like to thank you for the continued support of the online learning. We fully appreciate that our current circumstances are exceptionally challenging for our children and their families. Our secondary teachers have been working very hard to offer your children high-quality learning opportunities, which can be accessed through your children’s various Google Classrooms.

I would also like to thank our Secondary families who completed our parental survey. We have used the information from this along with feedback from our staff to ensure that we are well placed to address the challenges that the online learning has presented for our school’s community. From the outset we have aimed to provide flexibility for all of our students and their families to access their learning through their respective Google Classrooms. We will continue with this so that students who are not based in Hong Kong or who are currently accessing the learning outside of the lesson time can continue in this manner. For those who prefer to have access to live time interaction during the scheduled lessons, this will be available from Monday the 2nd of March for Year 7-13 classes.

I have clarified the expectations for our students in the Secondary phase from Monday the 2nd of March below:

  • Students will have access to live time interaction, as well as feedback, with their teachers through a Google Meet during their classes. These will happen at the scheduled times (Hong Kong time). This will also provide students with the opportunity to clarify any issues with their online learning tasks.
  • The Google Meet for each lesson will be recorded and later added to the respective Google Classroom so that students who are absent, or working in other time zones, can access this later.
  • The work for students will be on the Google Classroom so that all students can access it at a suitable time for them.
  • Teachers are able to close conversations if students are not interacting appropriately.

Guidelines for all live interactions can be found here. To ensure the ongoing safety of your children in their digital learning environment, please can you ensure you read the guidelines before Monday 2nd March.

Thank you once again for all your ongoing support during this period of school closure. We really value the efforts that our teachers have consistently made to provide engaging learning opportunities for all of their children. We will continue to reflect on our provision for our students, as we have throughout this closure, to ensure that we are offering high-quality support for all of our students.


Kind regards,

Simon Oakley

Head of Secondary