Spring Concert Arrangements

Dear Parents/Caregivers,
We are looking forward to our Spring Concert this Thursday, 18th April.
Please collect your ticket, if you haven’t already, from Joey on Secondary reception.  There is no charge, but we have only limited seating available.
Children should wear their smart school uniform, including black socks and smart black shoes. They should arrive at Mr Thaxter’s music room (DCG-2) at 4.30pm. Primary Choir and Year 1/2 singers will meet in the Globe at 4.30pm.
If there is not enough time for your child to go home and come back by 4.30pm, they can go to Ms Lau’s room after school – please provide them with some snacks to keep them going.  We estimate the concert will finish around 6.15pm – 6.30pm.
All children who are performing are required to stay until the end of the concert, and this is also expected of our audience members.  The exception for this is Year 1/2 children – they perform first and then return to DCG-2 to be collected. Parents of Year 1/2 children can leave the concert to pick up their children and can choose whether to return to watch the rest of the concert or not.
Please find the link to the rehearsal schedule for Wednesday 17th April and Thursday 18th April below:

Many thanks,

Kind regards,
The Music Team