Welcome to Spring Term in Year 4

Dear Parents, 

We hope that you had a wonderful, restful Christmas break and wish you a happy 2021 from the Year 4 Team!

As announced by the EDB before Christmas, we will start Term 2 with online lessons from the 4th for one week. While this is not the situation we would have hoped for, we have a fantastic term of learning ahead and the teaching team is looking forward to seeing the students and getting started. 

Young Entrepreneurs is our new theme which will continue until Easter, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and action. In Discovery, the students will be learning about what it means to be an entrepreneur, how creativity can lead to innovation, as well as examples of famous and budding entrepreneurs. They will then use the design process to come up with their own products or services, creating a business plan and branding. Interwoven will be science learning, investigating magnetism and electricity, with the opportunity to integrate these into their products.

The English units of learning will also support the Young Entrepreneurs theme, focusing on the inspirational story of One Plastic Bag about Isatou Seesay and her innovation in The Gambia. We will also read the superb Lemonade Wars, all about competing siblings trying to build the most successful business, a perfect link to the Discovery learning. Later in the term, we will move to non-fiction writing about finance, money and trade.

In Maths we will start by applying the multiplication and division learning from the last Term to a unit on area, before moving on to fractions. This is always a fantastic way to apply previous learning, including times tables and factors using a concept that the students started exploring in previous academic years. Delving into decimals will be the next unit before Easter. 

To start this term off, Sustainability Week links well to our themes of innovation and sustainability with a range of activities for the students to learn more about how we can manage our impact on the planet, working towards a brighter future. 

As before Christmas, online learning will follow the usual school timetable, starting at 8:20 each day, with the timetables posted to Google Classroom for the students to see details of what is happening each day. 

We look forward to seeing the children on Google Meet at 8.20 am on the 4th January to kick start Sustainability Week using their usual class link.

Kind regards, 

The Year 4 team.