Transition Morning

Dear Parents

In order to support your child as they transition to their new class and year group next year, we will be hosting a transition morning for the children on Friday 19th June. The purpose of the transition morning will be for the children to meet their new teacher (or listen to a presentation about their new teacher if they are new to the school), familiarise themselves with their new environment and strengthen relationships with the children in their new class. In addition they will have the opportunity to ask any questions they wish to ask.

You will already have supported your child in identifying four friends they would like to be in a class with for the next academic year and we have ensured that each child has been placed with at least one friend from their list. Children who are leaving DBIS will meet with Mrs Loran and Miss Cole to celebrate their time at the school and talk about their new adventures that lie ahead as they move on to new schools next year.

You will also receive your child’s report and class list on Friday. For EY1 children, this will be a printed copy in an envelope with their class list and for EY2 the report will be generated to the parent hub along with a link to the new class list.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Early Years Leadership Team if you have any questions.

With best wishes,

Eleanor Loran and Hannah Cole

(Head of Early Years and Deputy Head of Early Years)