UPDATE: Campus closed after school

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is a polite reminder that our campuses are closed after school to all students unless they are participating in an ECA. Our staff are still finding students interrupting ECAs by running across the playground, and some children are refusing to leave when asked by staff members.

I will remind all children of our expectations in assembly on Friday and would be grateful if you could support this message at home with your children and aunties. Students remaining on campus is not only a disruption to our ECA programme, it is also a health and safety concern as the school is not insured to have students on campus when unsupervised by our staff or approved outside providers. Our canteen is the designated waiting area for siblings and carers to wait for children to finish ECAs.

We kindly ask that all students leave our campuses (including the pitch) straight after school and are respectful to staff members when asked to leave.

Best wishes,

Hannah Tait

Head of EYFS & Primary