Whole School Photograph

Dear Parents and Carers


We are writing to inform you that the Nursery and Reception children will be part of the whole school photograph on  Thursday 23rd January 2020.


To support us with this event, we request that children are dropped off at the Primary campus at  8:45am on this date. 


Nursery children will line up in their classes on the football pitch near the main entrance and Reception on the football pitch near the Globe and main offices. Once you have dropped your child at the primary campus, may we ask that you drop their school bag and lunchbox at the Early Years campus as normal.


Following the photograph, the Nursery children will return to the Early Years campus by bus, and the Reception children will walk back to school, stopping off at the beach for a play on the way. 


Many thanks for your support.


Kind Regards


The Nursery and Reception Team