Year 11 A-Level Preparation Evening

A Level Subjects Q&A

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find below the Google Meet codes for the A Level Subject Q&A sessions tomorrow evening.
These sessions are designed for you to ask generalised questions regarding the subject content and assessment criteria. Any personal or student specific conversations should be arranged outside of these sessions with the teacher concerned.
Any questions you have should be typed into the ‘chat’ function. This will then allow the teacher to ensure they answer your question. If they do not have the opportunity to answer it during the session, they will then be able to reply to you via email or phone at a later time. It will also allow for a much easier flow and fewer delays or interruptions.
Should you need to attend two sessions that are held at the same time, please do so but understand that your question may not be answered whilst you are in the Meet. The typing of questions will ensure you get a response over the next day or two.
When you click on the link, it will open up a Google Meet and the hosting member of DBIS staff will be able to accept your request to join.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Google Meet codes:
Block Subject Teacher Time Meet Code
1 Biology Evan Murphy 18.00 Biology Q&A Link
1 BTEC Business Tracey Smal 18.00 BTEC Business Q&A Link
1 Business Studies Peter Wray 18.00 Business Studies Q&A Link
2 Physical Education Tom Lemon 18.25 Physical Education Q&A Link
2 Chemistry Anna Lyndon 18.25 Chemistry Q&A Link
2 Geography Rachel Murphy 18.25 Geography Q&A Link
3 English Literature Amy Lee 18.50 English Literature Q&A Link
3 Music David Spencer 18.50 Music Q&A Link
3 Physics Nicholas Moore 18.50 Physics Q&A Link
4 Psychology Sarah Best 19.15 Psychology Q&A Link
4 Media Studies Emma Cerrone 19.15 Media Studies Q&A Link
4/5 Further Mathematics Adam Reid 19.15 Further Mathematics Q&A Link
5 Mathematics Adam Reid 19.40 Mathematics Q&A Link
5 Art & Design: Fine Art Thomas Carrigan 19.40 Art Q&A Link
5 BTEC Travel & Tourism Rachel Murphy 19.40 BTEC Travel & Tourism Q&A Link
5 Spanish Richard Koenig 19.40 Spanish Q&A Link

The options jotform will be live from Thursday 29th October at 3.30pm, it will be sent out via email and will close on Friday 6th November at 4pm. It is essential that your son/daughter has conversations with the subject teachers prior to confirming their selection of subjects. Whilst students are able to select up to four subjects, the vast majority will only select three and follow these through for the duration of Year 12 & 13. A link to the options booklet can be found below

Kind regards

Tom Lemon

Head of Year 11
Discovery Bay International School