Year 3 Celebration of Learning – 3rd November

Dear Year 3 families,

If you could invite anyone in the world to dinner who would it be? 

This is the question we will be asking the Year 3 children as part of their Celebration of Learning event on the 3rd November… then with the Power of Year 3 magic, we will bring it to life!

During the last week of the unit, the children will conduct a mini-inquiry into a significant person of their choice. This will be guided by their teachers at school and involve making a timeline, writing a diary in character and creating a portrait of their chosen person. The children will be asked to share their research and understanding on 3rd November by ‘becoming’ their person for the day and attending a tea party to meet and talk with other significant people from history. 

To help the children get in role effectively, and bring the event to life, we would be grateful if your child could arrange a small outfit or prop they could bring in on the 3rd November. This should not be extravagant; a little can go a long way in the creative minds of children! For example, a striped t-shirt and a paintbrush = Picasso!

Whilst current regulations mean we are unable to invite you in to participate as we had planned, please be assured we will share numerous pictures, videos and speeches by the children for you to enjoy!

Other reminders:

  • Now the children have settled into their Year 3 classrooms, we kindly ask that you drop your child off downstairs, so that the corridor upstairs does not become congested. 
  • Homework will start Friday 30th October. 
  • Please record your child’s reading in their blue diaries for the teachers to award ‘iRead’ points and reward their wonderful independent reading. 
  • Junior Duke awards journal assessments will be every Monday. Please remind your child to leave their journal outside Mr Haines’ door.

Thank you so much for your support this half term and have a happy holiday week,


Year 3 Team