Year 3 Excursion to Tai O

Dear Year 3 Parents and Guardians,

We are delighted to inform you about an exciting excursion we have planned to support the Year 3 curriculum in Term 2.

Details of the trip
We will be visiting the traditional fishing village of Tai O, in South Lantau. This trip will support our ‘Mighty Civilisations’ unit, by learning about how Tai O’s settlement developed over 3,000 years ago. The children will have the opportunity to:

  • Take a boat ride along the estuary to explore the stilt houses;
  • Interview an elderly local fisherman about his life growing up in Tai O;
  • Visit the Tai O Museum;
  • Work with local guides to cook ancient snacks created in the Tai O village;
  • Visit local temples and learn about the local myths and legends
  • Navigate around the village to develop map skills.

3AR and 3KT: Tuesday 30th January 30th
3BW and 3EJ: Thursday 1st February 1st

Costs and Payment
The cost will be HK$840, which includes: bus transport to and from Tai O, support of local residents, entrance to all activities and the professional guide services from A-Team Ed Ventures.

Payment should be made by Monday 8th January in the form of a cheque to “Discovery Bay International School Limited” or via bank transfer to our HSBC account #111-459624-001. Please email the slip/transaction number to [email protected], referencing the Year 3 trip.

Parent Helpers
Each class would like to invite two parents to join us on the day. If you would like to support, please let your class teacher know.

We look forward to a thoroughly engaging and educational experience to support our learning in Term 2.

Kind regards,
The Year 3 team.