Year 7 Term 3 Bulletin

April Issue: Tuesday 9th April 2024


Dear Year 7 Parents and Guardians, 

I hope this bulletin finds you all well and the recent Easter holidays provided some much-needed rest and recovery for you and your families. This will of course be the final term for Year 7 as the youngest students on the campus, and they will no doubt start to look ahead to the summer and the challenge of Year 8. In yesterday’s assembly, I discussed the upcoming challenges of Term 3, my expectations around the Term 3 assessments, as well as the opportunity for Year 7 to serve as role models for our incoming Year 6 students, who will be visiting the campus during transition activities. 


Student Leadership Opportunities

Over the next fortnight, Year 7 will have the opportunity to sign up for some activities involving Year 6 and supporting their transition. This will be a great opportunity for students to reflect on the learner attributes we instil in Year 7 students and to provide the support and care needed to manage the transition from Primary to Secondary. 


Week Without Walls Year 8

Please ensure you have signed up your child to the WWW camp by this Wednesday, 10th April, so we can proceed with the necessary arrangements and organisation. I firmly believe this diverse week of activities can build on the momentum created in Year 7 and provide the students with experiential learning founded on service, community and collaboration. 


Relationship and Sexual Education Lessons

This term will see Year 7 begin their relationship and sexual health education lessons as part of our Learning For Life curriculum. Please look over the following handbook for an insight into what the students will be learning. We appreciate these topics can be sensitive and mature for Year 7s, so please communicate any concerns if you have them. 


End-of-Year Assessments

Next month, Year 7 will be completing a series of end-of-year assessments to consolidate much of the learning that has occurred across the curriculum this year. These will happen between Monday 6th May and Friday 10th May. The assessments will take place in the classrooms but are designed to give students the look and feel of future examinations. We understand this type of rigour and experience can be daunting for students; therefore, it’s important they take the opportunity to discuss these upcoming assessments with their teachers and prepare appropriately. Please discuss these with your child and encourage them to communicate with their respective teachers in order to access the correct resources, dates and support. 


As always, thank you for your continued support as Year 7 push ahead to the end of the year! It has been a pleasure to shepherd Year 7 through their first year at Secondary – I have no doubt that the added maturity and development they will gain over the summer will hold them in good stead to make a great start in Year 8. 

Please find attached the Secondary Parent and Student handbook for reference to school queries.

Ioan Morgan

Head of Year 7

Discovery Bay, Lantau Island

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2987 7331