Curriculum Information Evening for Parents of Year 7 Students – 6th May

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are excited to be able to announce certain curriculum changes that will take effect for the 2025–26 academic year.


After careful consideration, review and consultation, we have decided that we will extend our (I)GCSE curriculum provision timeline for the current Year 7 cohort. Your child will therefore commence the early stages of their respective (I)GCSE programmes of study in Year 9 (the 2025–26 school year), rather than in Year 10 (the 2026–27 school year), as is the current model.


We have taken this decision as we feel strongly that our learners are prepared for a more intentional and rigorous transition to the (I)GCSE programme demands. This transition equips them with the skills, knowledge and competence to not only successfully achieve in their (I)GCSE qualifications but also to access and pursue their A Level (and higher education) aspirations with increasing assurance.


 What are the practical implications of these changes?


The most notable change will be an earlier commitment to the subject options available to your child. Essentially, the options process will begin in Year 8, rather than Year 9. Currently, our curriculum entitlement is set and compulsory. There remains an expectation that students learn deeply within our core subjects, English, Maths and Science, and continue with Chinese or one of our Modern Foreign Language offerings, alongside our mandatory curriculum components (Learning for Life and PE). However, students will now opt for three additional subjects from a breadth of choices. These subjects will engage them and cater to their passions, strengths and potential aspirations, and some of them, such as Business Studies, may be new to your child.


We understand that you may have questions regarding these changes. Therefore, we invite you to a Year 7 Curriculum Information Evening for Parents on Monday 6th May 2024 from 6.45pm in the Globe Theatre. This event will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the reasons for this change and how we will support you and your child through this process.


It remains our intention to ensure that your child thrives in their learning journey at DBIS and has the tools to enable this and fulfil their goals in the future. This commitment to your child’s programme of study serves as an excellent platform for their success.


We look forward to welcoming you.


Kind regards,

Secondary Leadership Team