Hats and Water Bottle Reminder – PE lessons and Playtime

Dear Primary and Early Years Parents, 

Please ensure that your child brings their DBIS hat and a water bottle to school everyday. We have had an increasing number of students attend PE lessons without a hat or water bottle in recent weeks. It is important that students have protection from the sun and remain hydrated during physical activity, including play time and lunch time. 

If your son or daughter has an injury or illness that prevents them from physically taking part in a PE lesson please can we ask that you email or write a note for your child’s class teacher or PE teacher. You can email any member of the PE department at [email protected]

Students who are unable to participate physically will be given other roles within the lesson such as umpire, referee or coach. They may also be asked to help set up equipment such as cones or bibs or be given a worksheet task related to the lesson. The PE team will manage this to ensure that the student is not physically active and all tasks are suitable and account for the student’s injury/illness. 

The PE team thank you for your ongoing support. We are thrilled to have the students in school and actively enjoying their PE lessons. 

Yours sincerely 


Mr Rob White 

Head of PE & Sport

Discovery Bay International School